ISTAR mission

ISTAR delivers world class unmanned platforms specially designed for long endurance security, intelligence and surveillance missions.

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For over a decade the ISTAR engineers have been designing and producing special purpose, fixed-wing and VTOL airborne systems and sub-systems for HLS, low intensity conflict, law enforcement, S&R and commercial  applications.

Manufactured from advanced composite materials, ISTAR delivers one of the most advanced, high endurance VTOL  unmanned aircraft in the world. We provide unrivalled
performance harnessing extended vertical take-off and land
fixed-wing with a highly reliable multi-rotor system and
fuel-powered combustion engine.


We work to the highest levels of compliance and safety regulations. Our platforms incorporate an around the clock backup system that will resume safe flight after virtually all system or fixed wing flight failure, including main engine cut-out, stalling, over-banking, extreme gusts and wind conditions and also features auto-landing and various smart fail-safe options.